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Showstring Organization

Happy Wednesday! I’m sure pretty much every single person reading this post is most likely in quarantine and you are most likely bored out of your tree. Whether you are a photo shower, live shower, or just a collector of plastic ponies, you should have your collection organized in some way. This post is more directed to showers, but maybe this will bring some inspiration to some non-showers as well. About a week ago, Kristen from @bluemountainstable (go checkout her social medias!) did a live video on her Instagram story showing how she's organizing her ribbons and collection.  I got instantly inspired, so that's what I decided to do as well.  I began by getting all of my ribbons together and sorted them into piles for each model that received each ribbon.  Then, I grabbed my laptop, and opened up Google Sheets. I made a page that is my Model Horse Showstring. I split it up into my OF Models, and my CM models. Just a tip, organize your models in alphabe
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Tack Making Tag!

Model Tack Making Tag Created By: TNT Schleich  Answer these questions in the comments down below, or in a Youtube video, Instagram post, or even on your own blog! Be sure to give credits saying that this tag was created by me :)  1. When did you start making model horse tack? What inspired you/how did you start? 2. What materials do you use to make your tack? 3. What scale do you make your tack in? 4.  What is the biggest tack set you've made? What one are you most proud of? 5. What tack item is for your favorite to make? 6. What tack piece is the quickest/easiest to make? 7. What do you prefer using; Velcro or buckles? 8. If you use hardware, do you make your own, or do you purchase it from a shop like Rio Rondo? 9. What is your favorite tack set that another tack maker has made? 10. Do you prefer making realistic tack, or fun tack? I hope you guys will enjoy this tag that I made in honor of IMTM, International Model Tack Month! Here are my answers: 1. I star

DIY Model Horse Trophies

I found some mini, magnetic chess pieces yesterday, and I got instantly inspired to make them into trophies for my model horses.  I have no idea where you'd buy these, but they're really cute! (I only found 1 black piece but 8 white ones😂) As you can see, there are tiny magnets on the bottom so that they can click onto magnetic chess board.  I could have easily just made these, and not document the process, but I'm trying to get into this blogging thing, so I thought it would be fun to do a tutorial!  What You'll Need: ~Cosmetic Wedges (optional) ~Mod Podge (or any type of paint sealer) ~Acrylic Paint ~Paintbrushes ~Mini Chess Pieces (or you can sculpt some out of clay) ~Protective Surface  And then I painted the top gold. I started by painting the base of one of the tiny chess pieces with a 'cashmere tan' color. The gold paint was really transparent so I had to do multiple coats

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Kaycee, and you might know me from my Instagram , and my tack shop, TNT TACK . I seriously started collecting model horses in November of 2018 and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Currently I have 60+ models in all scales, but my main focus is, Schleich. I'm sure you've heard of Desktop Stables , and her love for horses, in miniature! When I first found Nichelle's blog, I was astonished with the craftsmanship of her work, and also the inspiring and comical posts. To this day, I enjoy reading her BreyerWest updates, and seeing her experimental tack pieces.  In honor of this, I wanted to give back to the model horse community and share some of my knowledge to hopefully inspire some collectors just like Nichelle did for me! Be sure to share my blog with your horsey friends, and maybe drop a comment down below.  That's a wrap! ~Kaycee😁